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Powering your ham radio is crucial for optimal performance. The right power supply is like high-quality fuel for a high-performance car. Finding the perfect power supply can significantly impact your communication quality and overall radio setup. With an array of options available, it’s essential to find the best fit for your needs.

We’ve carefully researched and tested the top ham radio power supplies on the market today. Our guide provides a comprehensive overview of the best options, ensuring that your ham radio operates at its peak performance and your communication remains crystal clear.

What to Consider when Buying the Best Ham Radio Power Supply

When choosing a ham radio power supply, consider the performance and voltage regulation. This directly affects the stability of your radio’s operation.

Performance and Voltage Regulation

When choosing the best ham radio power supply, it’s crucial to consider its efficiency and stability. Power supplies with high efficiency minimize energy waste and heat generation. This is especially important for portable power supplies, as it conserves battery power and prolongs operating time.

Additionally, ensure that the power supply provides stable and accurate output voltages, which are critical for the proper functioning of your transceiver. Linear power supplies offer excellent voltage regulation while switching power supplies are more efficient and lighter for portable use.

Understanding these capabilities is essential for meeting variable voltage power supply or transceiver power supply requirements.

Current Capacity and Protection Features

When selecting a ham radio power supply, it’s important to match the current capacity to the transceiver’s requirements. The power supply should meet or exceed the transceiver’s needs for stable operation.

Look for overcurrent protection to prevent damage from short circuits or overloads. Additionally, ensure the power supply has overvoltage, thermal, and surge protection features. These protection measures will safeguard both the power supply and connected equipment.

Consider adding a power distribution panel for efficient power management within your ham station setup.

These considerations will contribute to a reliable and safe ham radio station operation.

Price Range

When looking for the best ham radio power supply, it’s important to consider the cost-to-performance ratio and the long-term durability.

The Powerwerx SS-DV offers a good balance of performance and cost, making it a smart investment.

Additionally, products like the Yaesu FP-B, Alinco DM-MVT, Kenwood PS, and Bioenno BLF-A provide long-term value with their durable build and reliability.

This makes them worthwhile despite the initial investment.

Protection Features and Overall Reliability

When choosing a ham radio power supply, focus on protection features and overall reliability to ensure continuous operation and safeguard your equipment. Look for a power inverter with overvoltage, overcurrent, and short-circuit protection to prevent damage to your transceiver PSU.

A ham rig power unit with thermal protection will automatically shut down if it overheats, preventing potential fire hazards. Additionally, a reliable radio power adapter should have built-in surge protection to shield your equipment from power spikes and fluctuations.

It’s crucial to invest in a ham radio PSU with durable construction and high-quality components to ensure long-term reliability. Consider reputable brands known for producing dependable power supplies to guarantee the continuous and safe operation of your ham radio equipment.

Power Output and Form Factor

When choosing a power supply for your ham radio, consider the power output and form factor.

The power output is crucial to ensure it meets the voltage and current requirements of your transmitter. Tools like RigExpert PSSW or West Mountain Radio PWRcheck can help measure the power output accurately.

A well-matched power output and form factor will contribute significantly to the overall performance and longevity of your ham radio setup.

Portability and Mobile Setups

When selecting a power supply for portable and mobile ham radio setups, prioritize compact size and lightweight design. Look for models like the Samlex SEC-M, Astron RS-M, Icom PS, Kenwood PS, or Elecraft KXAT designed specifically for portability.

These power supplies often come with carrying handles and rugged enclosures, making them suitable for on-the-go operations.

Additionally, consider the input voltage range to ensure compatibility with various power sources used in mobile setups. Opt for power supplies that offer efficient power output without compromising on portability, enabling seamless operation of ham radio equipment while on the move.

Ease of Integration

When integrating power supplies from manufacturers like Astron, Samlex, MFJ, Powerwerx, Alinco, Yaesu, and Bioenno into your ham radio setup, it’s important to consider the connectors, voltage outputs, and current ratings.

  • Connector Compatibility:

Ensure that the power supply’s connectors match the input requirements of your radio equipment, such as the battery eliminator or power cable.

  • Voltage and Current Ratings:

Check that the power supply provides the correct voltage and current ratings for your specific radio power source, such as the MFJ-MV, Icom PS, or Kenwood PS, to ensure optimal performance without risking damage to your equipment.


When it comes to selecting the best ham radio power supply, it’s crucial to consider the reputation and performance of the brand and model.

Brands like Icom PS, Kenwood PS, Pyramid PSV, Jetstream JTPS, and RigExpert PSSW are known for their high-quality power supplies. Icom and Kenwood are renowned for their durable and reliable power supplies, while Pyramid offers a range of reliable options.

Jetstream power supplies are favored for their robust construction and consistent performance. RigExpert power supplies are known for their advanced features and precision.

It’s important to evaluate factors such as maximum output voltage and current, voltage regulation, and additional features like overvoltage protection and noise reduction when choosing a power supply for your ham radio setup. Understanding the specific features of each brand and model will help you select the most suitable power supply for your amateur radio equipment.

Best Ham Radio Power Supply Reviews

When it comes to ham radio power supplies, the Astron RS-35A stands out for its reliability and high power output. It is known for its durable construction and consistent power delivery attribute, making it a popular choice among ham radio enthusiasts.

1. Astron RS-35A: Best Ham Radio Power Supply

The Astron RS-35A is a linear power supply that provides a peak output of 35 amps and a continuous output of 25 amps. It has an output voltage of 13.8 VDC (+/- 0.05 V) and an adjustable voltage range of 11.0–15.0 VDC. The RS-35A is electronically regulated in solid state.

Best For: Amateur radio enthusiasts in need of a reliable and high-quality power supply for their radio equipment.


  • Provides stable and clean power for ham radio transceivers and other equipment.
  • Robust build quality ensures longevity and durability.
  • Offers sufficient power output and low-noise operation for optimal radio performance.


  • May be relatively expensive compared to other power supply options.

2. MFJ-4230MV: Best built-in protection features

The MFJ-4230MV power supply comes with a heat sensor that increases fan speed when the temperature rises above 70 degrees Celsius. This feature ensures safety and prevents overheating, making it ideal for outdoor and portable ham radio setups.

Additionally, it has reliable built-in protection against overloading, short circuits, and over-temperature conditions, safeguarding equipment from potential damage.

The power supply’s efficient and low ripple design provides stable power output, protecting against voltage fluctuations and ensuring smooth operation for ham radio equipment.

Its compact size, lightweight design, and wide input voltage range make it versatile and portable for various applications.

The MFJ-4230MV offers peace of mind and reliable power wherever ham radio activities take you.

3. Samlex SEC-1235M: Budget Option

The Samlex SEC-1235M power supply delivers a regulated output DC voltage of 13.8 Volts at 30 Amps with high efficiency. This option is budget-friendly and designed for land mobile radio applications.

Using advanced switch-mode technology, it ensures reliable power while minimizing weight and size. The design includes highly filtered components to suppress RFI, delivering clean power output. It’s equipped with a front panel ammeter and voltmeter for easy monitoring.

The compact and lightweight build allows for effortless installation. Additionally, it provides overload, short-circuit, over-temperature, and over-voltage protection, conforming to FCC Part 15(B), class B digital device standards.

The Samlex SEC-1235M offers versatile input voltage options and comes with a detachable power supply cord featuring a NEMA 5-15P plug. Safety certifications and a 3-year limited warranty provide peace of mind for users.

Best For: Land mobile radio operators seeking a budget-friendly, high-efficiency power supply with reliable regulated output.


  • High efficiency and regulated output
  • Compact and lightweight design for easy installation
  • Overload, short-circuit, and over-temperature protection


  • Warning for cancer and reproductive harm in California only
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