Welcome to Radio Chronicles Sphere!

Welcome To Radio Chronicles!

At Radio Chronicles, we believe connecting with nature is one of life’s greatest joys. Since 2023, our mission has been to equip outdoor enthusiasts with the gear they need to fully immerse themselves in the wilderness.

From hiking the Appalachian Trail to skiing the slopes of Aspen, we provide the outdoor accessories to make your adventures safe, comfortable, and unforgettable. Our selection includes two-way radios, GPS devices, survival tools, camping equipment, bird-watching optics, and more from top brands.

Our founders Navick and Diana have over years of combined experience exploring the outdoors. As avid hikers, climbers, and amateur radio operators, they understand the importance of reliable communication and navigation when venturing into the wilderness.

At Radio Chronicles, we hand-pick products designed to withstand the elements and enhance every aspect of your outdoor recreation. Our gear helps you stay on course, document your experiences, and remain connected – because getting lost is never part of the plan.

In addition to our wide inventory, we also offer repair services for radios and other electronics. Our expert technicians can diagnose issues and perform repairs on-site. Feel confident bringing your equipment to us for maintenance and upgrades.

Outdoor adventure creates lasting memories. With gear from Radio Chronicles, you can focus on the experience instead of the logistics. Join us to embark on your next exciting, safe, and unforgettable journey into the great outdoors.

Our mission

To equip outdoor enthusiasts with specialized gear and tips

At Radio Chronicles, our mission is to equip outdoor enthusiasts with specialized gear, expertise, and services to safely embark on immersive adventures in nature.

We are passionate about helping hikers, climbers, skiers, bird watchers, and all outdoor lovers capture the essence of adventure sustainably. Our founders’ decades of experience exploring forests, mountains, and wilderness areas inform the products we hand-pick for reliability, durability, and performance in rugged environments.

We aim to inspire confidence and preparation through gear designed for the task at hand – so you can focus on the sights, sounds, and feelings of being immersed in nature. Trust Radio Chronicles to provide both the right equipment and knowledgeable guidance so you can adventure forth without limit, follow your curiosity, and create lasting memories.

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