5 Best Ski Resorts in South America

When planning your next winter adventure to South America, you’ll want to explore the top ski resorts that offer an unforgettable alpine experience amidst the majestic Andes.

These resorts cater to skiers of every level and promise exhilarating runs in a stunning setting.

So, which ski resorts truly stand out in this captivating region?

Let’s discover the top five ski resorts in South America.

The Best 5 Ski Resorts in South America

South America’s ski resorts offer a thrilling experience for skiers and snowboarders of all levels.

These ski resorts in South America (Chile and other countries) offer diverse terrains and powder skiing, ensuring an unforgettable experience for winter sports enthusiasts.

1. Valle Nevado, Chile

Valle Nevado, Chile sits high in the Andes Mountains, offering a top-tier skiing experience. The resort’s highest lift-served elevation reaches 12,038 feet, making it a haven for high-altitude adventures. It boasts 39 trails and 14 lifts covering 2,200 skiable acres, catering to intermediate to advanced skiers.

Visitors can enjoy exclusive benefits as part of the Ikon Pass, including Chile’s only gondola and hotel package discounts. Short lift lines and varied terrain make Valle Nevado an ideal destination for those seeking freedom on the slopes.

Additionally, its proximity to Santiago, just 59 km away, ensures easy access to thrilling skiing and snowboarding experiences in South America.

2. Ski Portillo, Chile

Ski Portillo is nestled in the beautiful Andes Mountains of Chile. The resort boasts a highest lift-served elevation of 10,860 feet, a vertical drop of 2,745 feet, and 35 runs. Visitors can explore the powdery slopes and take in the majestic views of the Chilean Andes.

The 14 lifts ensure minimal wait times, keeping skiers on the slopes. Ski Portillo is known for its challenging advanced and expert terrain, featuring bowls and chutes that will push even the most experienced skiers.

3. Las Lenas, Argentina

Las Lenas, Argentina, features a dynamic après-ski scene, captivating village, and a variety of terrain suitable for different skill levels.

The ski resort offers ample intermediate terrain and advanced and expert terrain above the tree line. Families with varying abilities can enjoy wide runs, making it an ideal spot for skiers of all levels.

The resort provides a vibrant village and après-ski scene, ensuring an enjoyable experience for everyone. Whether you’re hitting the slopes or enjoying the après-ski, Las Lenas has something for everyone.

4. La Parva, Chile

La Parva, Chile, stands out as a top ski destination in South America. Situated at an elevation of 11,909 feet, this resort features a thrilling vertical drop of 3,150 feet, offering skiers a challenging experience.

With 20 trails and 14 lifts providing access to 2,471 skiable acres, La Parva ensures ample terrain for skiing enthusiasts. The resort receives an average annual snowfall of 300 inches, creating pristine conditions for skiing. Additionally, the stunning views of the Santiago Valley enhance the overall skiing experience.

Conveniently located just over an hour from Santiago, La Parva is easily accessible for visitors seeking breathtaking vistas and exciting terrain in South America.

5. Cerro Catedral, Argentina

Cerro Catedral, Argentina, is a premier ski resort in South America. The resort offers 38 lifts and 2,965 acres of skiable terrain. Skiers can enjoy challenging off-piste skiing, steep slopes, and tree skiing. The backcountry terrain is a haven for experienced skiers.

The resort is just 22 km from Bariloche, providing convenient access to amenities such as restaurants and shops. This ensures visitors have everything they need for an unforgettable skiing experience.

How to Choose the Best Ski Resorts in South America

To select the best ski resorts in South America, you need to consider various factors. Finding a resort that matches your skiing abilities and preferences is key.

1. Location and Accessibility

When considering a trip to the top ski resorts in South America, it’s important to factor in the location and accessibility of each resort for a smooth and enjoyable experience. South American ski resorts, situated in Chile and Argentina, offer varied accessibility options for international visitors. Let’s take a look:

  • Valle Nevado, located just 59 km from Santiago, Chile, provides easy access to the Andes Mountains and breathtaking views of the city. Imagine a short drive from Santiago leading you to the base of the ski resort, all set to hit the slopes.
  • In the Neuquén province of Argentina, Las Leñas offers a remote and picturesque setting for a unique skiing adventure. Envision traveling through the stunning landscapes of the Neuquén province to reach this exclusive ski resort.

2. Ski Terrain and Conditions

When selecting a ski resort in South America, consider the diverse ski terrain and conditions.

Resorts like Nevados de Chillan and Las Leñas offer high lift-served elevations and varied slopes.

The annual snowfall significantly impacts skiing conditions, so it’s essential to consider.

The number of runs, lifts, and skiable acres determines the size and diversity of a ski resort’s terrain.

Additionally, amenities like heli-skiing and modern facilities can enhance the skiing experience.

Evaluating these factors will ensure an exhilarating and memorable skiing adventure in South America.

3. Resort Amenities and Services

When considering ski resorts in South America, it’s essential to evaluate the amenities and services they offer to enhance your skiing experience. Look for modern facilities like gondola lifts and well-maintained slopes for a smooth skiing experience.

Additionally, seek out resorts that offer unique features such as heli-skiing, cat-skiing, or snowcat tours, as well as vibrant village and après-ski scenes for an adventurous stay. Check for amenities like restaurants, bars, shops, and spas to ensure a comfortable trip.

Consider resort locations in relation to major cities and their proximity to natural attractions or hot springs for a well-rounded vacation. Choose resorts based on the type of terrain offered, whether it’s challenging, beginner-friendly, or suitable for backcountry and off-piste skiing.

4. Apres-Ski and Entertainment

When planning your skiing trip in South America, you’ll find diverse apres-ski and entertainment options at different resorts. The resorts offer vibrant nightlife, evening dining, and shopping opportunities in nearby ski towns.

Additionally, you can enjoy activities like heli-skiing, cat-skiing, snowcat tours, and snowparks for added enjoyment during your ski trip. Look for resorts with stunning lake views, modern facilities, and natural hot springs for a unique skiing experience.

Consider challenging terrain with steep slopes, off-piste skiing, and backcountry opportunities for an exhilarating experience. South American ski resorts have varied apres-ski experiences to suit your preferences, whether you seek lively nightlife, evening dining, or uncrowded slopes.

5. Ski Passes and Packages

To ensure a fantastic skiing experience in South America, it’s important to consider the following factors when choosing ski passes and packages:

  • Ski passes should provide access to diverse terrains suitable for different skill levels, catering to all skiers.
  • Packages should include additional activities such as off-piste skiing, backcountry skiing, and lively après-ski scenes to enhance the skiing adventure.
  • Look for resorts that are part of larger pass programs like the Ikon Pass, offering added value and benefits across multiple resorts.

Choosing the right ski passes and packages is crucial for maximizing the skiing experience in South America.

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