5 Best Ski Resorts in Germany

Germany’s ski resorts are more than just beer and lederhosen. The majestic peaks of Zugspitze and the charming setting of Reit im Winkl offer diverse skiing experiences. The best ski resorts in Germany cater to every type of skier, from beginners to experts.

The top ski resorts in Germany are waiting to be discovered, and they will make you want to grab your gear and hit the slopes.

Zugspitze has majestic peaks and offers a thrilling skiing experience. Reit im Winkl has a charming setting and provides a delightful skiing atmosphere.

Germany’s ski resorts cater to every type of skier, offering diverse experiences for all skill levels. These hidden gems in Germany are just waiting to be explored, and they will make you want to hit the slopes as soon as possible.

The Top 5 Ski Resorts in Germany

Germany’s top 5 ski resorts are located in Hessen, Saxony, Lower Saxony, Bavaria, and Baden-Württemberg. These regions boast stunning landscapes and top-notch facilities, making them ideal for unforgettable winter adventures.


Winter sports enthusiasts will find Hessen appealing due to its diverse mountain ranges and approximately 60 kilometers of pistes, offering a variety of thrilling skiing experiences.

The Vogelsberg, Odenwald, Upland, Rhön, and Taunus are well-known winter sports areas in Hessen, each with unique charm and skiing opportunities. The highest summit in the Taunus region is the 880-meter-high Grosser Feldberg, providing stunning views and exciting slopes for skiing.

Willingen, the largest ski area in Hessen, offers skiing opportunities even without snow, making it an ideal destination for winter sports enthusiasts.

Hessen’s ski resorts provide good winter sports opportunities and are perfect for skiing and other snow activities, making it an excellent choice for those seeking adventure in the heart of the German Ski Resorts.


Saxony’s ski resorts offer thrilling slopes and breathtaking mountain views, making it an ideal destination for winter sports enthusiasts. The Ore Mountains in Saxony provide excellent skiing opportunities, with the Fichtelberg standing as the highest mountain in the region. Oberwiesenthal, the highest town in Germany, is the top winter sports area in Saxony, offering access to around 70 kilometers of pistes.

This region’s picturesque landscapes, along with its castles, palaces, and the state capital Dresden, add to its allure. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert skier, Saxony’s ski resorts cater to all levels, ensuring an unforgettable experience in the Chiemgau Alps.

Lower Saxony

Winter sports enthusiasts in Lower Saxony can find a diverse range of ski resorts to cater to their desires.

The Harz Mountains, home to the largest winter sports destination in northern Germany, offers 13 alpine ski areas, 53 slopes, and 39 toboggan runs. The Wurmberg stands out with its four-kilometer long downhill run, making it a sought-after ski destination.

Additionally, the Bocksberg near Hahnenklee and the Sonnenberg near St. Andreasberg are well-liked ski areas in the Harz, catering to the needs of winter sports enthusiasts.

The Harz Mountains provide ideal conditions for leisurely ski treks, ensuring a unique and enjoyable experience for visitors seeking an exhilarating skiing experience in northern Germany.


Bavaria features several popular ski resorts, each with its own unique charm and excellent skiing opportunities. The Zugspitze, Germany’s highest mountain, offers 20 kilometers of pistes and breathtaking panoramic views, making it a must-visit for skiers and snowboarders.

The Steinplatte/Winkelmoosalm, Waidring/Reit im Winkel, and Arber ski areas are also well-known and popular destinations in Bavaria.

The Allgäu region provides an exceptional skiing experience, with the Zwei-Täler ski area Ofterschwang-Gunzesried offering 18 kilometers of piste to explore. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, Bavaria is a top destination for skiing, catering to all preferences with its diverse options and stunning landscapes.


In Baden-Württemberg, the highest mountain is found in the Black Forest, which serves as a stunning backdrop for some of the best ski resorts in Germany. Let’s explore three top ski resorts in Baden-Württemberg and their unique features:

  1. Feldberg: Boasting the highest mountain in the state, providing stunning surroundings and a variety of ski slopes for all skill levels.
  2. Albstadt-Tailfingen: Known for extensive and family-friendly ski slopes, offering a memorable winter sports experience in Baden-Württemberg.
  3. Mehliskopf and Salzwinkel: Ideal ski areas for families looking to enjoy the beauty of the Black Forest while hitting the slopes.

These ski resorts in Baden-Württemberg offer a perfect blend of natural beauty and thrilling winter sports experiences, making them suitable for families, beginners, and seasoned winter sports enthusiasts alike.

How to Choose the Best Ski Resorts in Germany

When it comes to selecting the best ski resorts in Germany, it’s essential to consider the geographical location and accessibility in relation to major cities and transportation options. Look for resorts that are conveniently located and have easy access to major cities and efficient transportation links.

Make sure the ski resorts offer diverse terrain suitable for different skill levels, catering to both beginners and advanced skiers. Additionally, seek out resorts that provide a variety of winter activities beyond skiing, such as snowboarding, sledding, and winter hiking.

Check the reliability of snow conditions and factors like snowmaking capabilities and historical snowfall data. Research the amenities and services available at each ski resort, including accommodation options, ski schools, equipment rental, and après-ski activities.

Consider the environmental impact of travel and the sustainability initiatives of the ski resorts. Assess the overall experience and value for money to ensure a fulfilling and enjoyable skiing adventure.

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